Sensa is advertising their newest twist to their original product called Sensa Advanced. I’m sure by now you have seen their latest ad on TV with celebrity host Ali Landry directing you to where you can order the new product and free trial.

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The only advertised difference from the original Sensa sprinkles is the addition of ( what they are calling a magic key nutrient additive) which is chromium. The addition of chromium is supposed to enable your body to better metabolize fats and carbohydrates. How much, if any, of a difference the addition of chromium makes in the overall performance of the product remains to be seen as Sensa Advanced has just started to appear in the marketplace.

Here are some of the claims Taken from the New Sensa Advanced website;

 1. SENSA® uses the science of smell and taste to help you recognize when your body says, “Enough is enough!”

Hunger and weight gain go hand in hand. When we starve ourselves, our body holds on to extra fat.

2. So restricting your diet and going hungry is not the answer. SENSA® helps you feel fuller from smaller portions of food so you can lose weight without deprivation.

SENSA® Tastants are designed using only 100% GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients as published by the FDA. They are made up of a proprietary blend of scents that help you feel fuller faster. SENSA® Advanced contains a stronger blend of Tastants than Original SENSA®.

What is in the Small Print on The Sensa Advanced Website?

Responders avg. weight loss using SENSA® was 9.5 lbs. in 6 months. Results may vary. Alexandra and Lisa incorporated exercise.

WOW! That’s funny. So the ones they chose to be on TV incorporated exercise. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember anyone saying anything about exercise in the Sensa Advanced infomercial. Do you?



As consumers, I think it’s critically important to be aware of the recent lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission, (FTC) filed against Sensa for false advertising along with 3 other weight-loss companies.


— That “miracle” weight-loss product you’ve seen on TV may not live up to the hype.

The FTC complaint named Sensa Products LLC, Sensa Inc., Sensa CEO Adam Goldberg and Sensa creator Dr. Alan Hirsch. All were charged with making unsubstantiated claims.

Sensa claimed no “wrong doing”  in the case but made a business decision to settle according to a CNN Jan. 8, 2014 News Report. That should certainly raise some serious doubts as to the validity of the claims. Wonder what Dr. Oz is saying now?

All of us have been captivated and taken in at some point by so many of these fad diets and weight-loss gimmicks we see advertised on TV at one time or another. Unfortunately, more often than not, the only part of us that really lost weight was our wallet.

What Does Sensa Advanced Cost?

Well, let’s figure that from their own advertisement.

For $4.95 shipping and handling, you can get a one month supply of Sensa Advanced to try free. A month later your credit card bill will be charged $89.95 not only for that month but $89.95 for every month thereafter until you notify them to stop. So, in order for you to lose an average of 9.5 pounds in 6 months, it would cost you $539.70 Sounds a little steep to me!

Are there Better, Proven, Less Expensive Alternatives Out There?


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